by HeveN

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released January 24, 2014



all rights reserved


HeveN Northampton, Massachusetts

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Track Name: lovingly(calls from the grxv)
i feel i'm lost without you i hear your calls in between the night
infiltrating the lines within i see you
what a devil you've made of me
as i enter the mausoleum
there's nothing left to do
but sit back and wait for death
Track Name: teenage bedroom 1997
when you fall asleep do you think about the times beneath your skin
when you fall asleep do you think about the times with guns and knives and masks
you neve asked for this
with out you
me and you asleep in rooms tonight

me and you asleep entombed tonight
Track Name: groundling
in another time i fear for you
as god draws near i see you through

my click now no one wants to fuck with my shit

i know to you the throne is new but see it
it's like you i need you to see it

the time grows near it's coming close for me to leave this holy ghost
Track Name: shadow of the hrns
my soul's a stone no matter where i go
for the love of my flesh i will leave you alone
but inside the walls of your heart is where i lay my bones
asleep in your blood i am the hurt in your veins
push the insides out but your smile remains
Track Name: baby bats
as the evening fades i can't see your face in the candles rays
peeling off my skin because my spirit gets so jealous
i just want you to know that i'm leaving forever
i've grown violent and it's hard to keep my love my heart is riddle with scars i let go of
spirit chillin in the air i'mma try to keep it there
Track Name: MDGR
i'll be in the kitchen with a knife waiting for you to take my insides
i remember i would watch them all die but you would always turn out alright see i always had a thing for you sid even when we were kids
the knocking has kept me up all night but who would have though these are the days i'd miss living with you in the night